Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So Destroyed (Mark McGuire Remix)

I'm not much into Prince Rama. Essentially they sound like every other overhyped psychedelic chillwave beachfuzz band: their vocals and musicianship aren't strong enough to stand alone, so they fill in the cracks with a heaping scoop of impenetrable reverb, all the while promoting a public image that pits them as "unorthodox" or "enigmatic." They irk me in the way Lady Gaga irks me, in that it seems that they try to be weird solely for the sake of being weird. The thing is, at the end of the day it just looks like they're trying too hard. Ok Prince Rama, so your parents moved you to a Hare Krishna commune when you were in high school…do we really need to hear about it in every interview? I think we get it - the rest of us have daddy issues too.

But enough about that. I shouldn't give them too much grief seeing as I've been playing one of their songs on repeat all day. It's not exactly a cut off their album -rather Mark McGuire swooped in to save the day. Mark McGuire is quite the super[music]man - every bit of musicianship and integrity the Larson sisters lack McGuire embodies tenfold. He's put his magic touch to their single So Destroyed, in which they channeled some sort of post-apocalyptic post-punk band (which I guess would actually make them post-post-punk and thus of the most elite genre the universe has ever seen), by adding swirling synths and a deep-space bass to take the song to cosmic, truly far-out heights.

Emeralds, the excellent band for which McGuire plays guitar, put out an album in early November. The holidays are coming: buy it now.

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