Monday, November 19, 2012


Marlon Geller

A lot of my blogging compatriots seem to be jumping the gun a bit and already compiling their Year-End 'Best' lists, which is the blogging equivalent of putting up Christmas decorations before Halloween. Meh.
That said, I totally already know what my number one album of 2012 is. This was not a very hard decision considering I've only listened to about three full albums this entire year. But after hearing Two Door Cinema Club's Beacon, I didn't feel the need to look further. No, it's not the most creative album to come out this year. Nor is it the most intricate. Nor is it the most talked-about. But it makes me happy. Like, sing-along-every-time-at-full-volume happy. And since no other song, album, or commercial jingle has elicited that type of response this year, it's won 2012 by default. (And by being really, really awesome.)

Today, Kitsune released the eponymous Sun EP featuring the second single off the album as well as a host of remixes by who's-who type producers. The brilliant original - arguably the happiest song on the album - gets the rave treatment from France's Fred Falke, resulting in the type of track that makes you reminisce about your pill-popping days. Or your pill-popping last weekend.

Stream both versions below, then buy the EP here, and LL's Best Album of 2012 here.

Sun - Two Door Cinema Club

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