Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sweater Weather

It's too cold for you here and now
So let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater.

Jennilee Marigomen

After four years of Southern living, I recently moved back to Chicago to pursue funemployment. While it all sounded great in theory (ok in practice its not so bad either), I forgot one critical detail. It is freezing here. I mean soul-crushingly cold. And this is only the beginning: it gets much, much worse. While there will soon come a time when I only listen to music containing steel drums in hopes of trying to remember what warmth and happiness feels like, right now I'm trying to embrace the climate and tell myself that all the best outfits are layered. Enter: The Neighbourhood. Though you may be thrown off by the UK-styled moniker via an extra 'u', the band actually hails from California, a place that will never understand the icy throttle of -20 degree wind chill. Nonetheless, they've written a pretty convincing - and outrageously catchy - song about Sweater Weather. No, its not an entire song about my weekend forecast. Rather, they've capitalized on it for flirting purposes. After all, "You cold? Here, put your hands in my sweater" is more or less the ultimate cuffing season pick up line. Hey, works on me every time.

Grab the song below, and then purchase August's I'm Sorry EP.

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood


Emma said...

I've been obsessed with Sweater Weather lately! They actually have a new video for "Let It Go" on YouTube too. Like always, it's done in black and white lol

morgan hecht said...

The Neighbourhood is incredibly talented and i'm glad they are blowing up now! help them get to the #1 artist slot on Spotify's Emerge App-one listen counts as a vote.

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