Monday, November 12, 2012


I feel too little and think too much.


I have a horrible habit: I tend to over-think.
Sound familiar? While I'm no expert, I'd venture to say its a near-universal plight of our current generation. How can over-thinking be avoided what with the countless streams of news and visuals and useless [as well as useful] information being thrown at us from all directions, at all times, by the click of a mouse or the push of a button? It seems that in the modern age we're expected to be at 110%, one hundred and ten percent of the time. And if taking a minute to decompress has become a luxury now, think about how much therapy our children are going to need in 30 years. But I digress.

The thing about over-thinking is, often it can jar your conscious to a screeching halt - like when you have so many windows open that eventually the rainbow wheel of doom appears and everything freezes up: your mac can't take it anymore. This happened to me in regards to LOOSE L!PS. I revamped a bit (can you tell?), got lazy, got busy, and suddenly it had been so long since I posted that instead of just picking up I froze; stuck wringing my proverbial hands worrying that I was too far behind and thus irrelevant. But then I remembered that not only am I my own editor, I'm my own webmaster. And seeing as I don't make any money from this venture, what the hell.

Moral of this story: Lets all get out of our own heads and take a minute to mull on some Beat Connection instead.

Think/Feel - Beat Connection

[Update] Sometimes I think I may be music-psychic. Hours after this post was up, the official music video (unexpectedly) dropped. Check it out:

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Joseph (NN) said...

Thanks for this. Very similar situation over here. It's been a while since I was able to catch my breath over at NN due to real world stuff and so the posting has become very slow and with the pace that the blog world moves, it feels like posting a month-old track is in bad taste - which is sad. Art suffers when it's given an expiration date.

Great post.

-Joseph (NN)

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