Thursday, February 14, 2013


She's got a lot of affection in her thighs
And the way that she might look at you could turn you into ice

Akin to romantic relationships, band love is a fickle thing. Some obsessions creep up on you - you don't pay them much notice until one epiphanic moment when you realize they're the greatest thing you've ever come across. Others are more forward in their approach - it's love at first listen (sight). Misun fall under the latter category. The first time they shuffled onto my iPod I scrambled to see which of my favorite bands' new material I had been ignoring. But my assumed old companion turned out to be a group I had never heard. Misun are a DC-based trio poised for greater things than one-off 60s throwback pop songs. I mean have you listened to their first single, Harlot? Really listened? No? Well do so below, and make sure everyone knows I told you so.
Have I found my new favorite band? Maybe.

Stream and download their debut single below, and then you can download most of their debut EP for free HERE, which is beyond awesome.

Harlot - Misun

Bonus: Their second single. No sophomore slump here.
Battlefields - Misun

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