Tuesday, March 26, 2013

One Way Trigger

I don't want to be in there without your love no more

Am I the only one who really, really loves the new Strokes album?
If that's the case, oh well, because I'm not taking anything back. The new Strokes album is a breath of fresh air in a catalog that was getting stale. While its by no means perfect - its lacking in cohesion and a lot of the hooks fall short - it sees the Strokes flexing their range and deviating from formulas established in their previous two albums. It sounds younger than its predecessors, more willing to take risks; ironic from an aging band who's look and sound seemed carefully calculated from the start.

Listen to the first single One Way Trigger, in which Casablancas' relentless falsetto shapes the best Strokes song in years, and then be sure to buy Comedown Machine, out today.

One Way Trigger - The Strokes

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