Friday, July 19, 2013

Be Cool (EMiL Remix)

You know what's really hit-or-miss? Remix videos. And by that I mean they usually suck. It's one thing for a remix to be able to stand alone as a piece of music, but for it to be worth its weight in jpegs as well? That's a veritable unicorn. So it seems fitting then, that the thing to inspire LL out of the figurative ashes of the internet is one such figurative unicorn.

Our friend EMiL (of Emil & Friends -- yeah he's pretty popular) just dropped his remix of Phoenix's Be Cool, and whipped up a whole video from scratch to go with it. We're not talking your typical indie "boy meets girl and they go on a road trip" type shtick, but something fun and summery and colorful and--dare I say--magical. Don't take my word for it, watch for yourself below.

Phoenix - Be Cool (EMiL remix) from Emil on Vimeo.

Be Cool (EMiL Remix) - Phoenix

Be Cool (Breakbot Remix) - Phoenix

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