Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Where Have You Gone [Cause This Is Not Enough]

If I say I want it back, would you meet me with the same eyes?
These days seems long, where have you gone?

A year or so ago, Soundcloud underwent a huge interface revamp. They introduced a shuffle feature, and whenever the song you were listening to ended, the site would shuffle you to a random "related" song from any one of the thousands of accounts they hosted. The only problem was 99.99% of the time this random song was completely unlistenable. An accidental case of "where is that open window playing music I have too many windows open AGH" led me to discover that it seems they've finally figured out their algorithms, and instead of shuffling me to nu-jazz flute recordings, Soundcloud has started delivering gems.

Today the site read my mood/mind as it started playing a dreamy pop song from a band called Carousel. Turns out these guys are from LA and the shuffle couldn't have come at a more serendipitous time, as their new EP, Palms, is set to be released just around the corner, on August 5th. With breezy melodies and that circa-2008-Dreamwave vibe, Carousel gets an immediate addition to my list of indispensable poolside tunes. A round of applause for Soundcloud, everyone, and lend your ears to Carousel.

Old Single:
Where Have You Gone - Carousel

New Single:

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